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Godafoss Iceland

How to get there and where to stay?

Iceland has been one of the most neglected countries when it comes to travel, but thankfully this is slowly changing.  I have been to this gorgeous country once now and I cannot wait until the day I can return! While there is so much I want to share with you about Iceland, I am going to focus on the different landmarks and attractions I fell in love with and the food and fun that I enjoyed along the way.

Attractions and Landmarks

There are so many different attractions and landmarks throughout the country of Iceland.  One of my first stops was the Blue Lagoon. Because I was on vacation and in desperate need of some relaxation.  This massive geothermal pool has so many healing minerals in it and a long soak is exactly what my skin, and body, needed. Once I was nice and relaxed, I walked around downtown Reykjavik to see Harpa Concert Hall and Hallgrimskirkja Church.  I even ducked into a couple museums as I was passing them by. My favorite attractions in Iceland though were the waterfalls.  I managed to hike out to Dettifoss and Gullfoss, but Dettifoss was my favorite of the two.  The Skaftafell Ice Cave was also interesting, and I am so glad I convinced myself to do it even though I do not like small spaces! Must try: Golden Circle Full Day Tour with Kerid Crater or Northern Lights Bus Tour

Entertainment and Food

When it comes to entertainment in Iceland, Reykjavik is the best place to be at night. There are so many different clubs to choose from and I think I could have been there a month and still not seen them all. The Icelandic Craft Bar was a favourite, because there was a comedy club downstairs.  It was like two forms of entertainment in one! Before I went in to sample the Icelandic beers at the Icelandic Craft Bar, I grabbed some street food to take to the bar with me.  I learned from a local that this was the thing to do at this bar and I always say that you must do what the locals do when you are travelling. The food options are a little out there in Iceland and I found myself choosing from meat soup, fish soup, and Icelandic lamb.  If you are not as adventurous, you may want to stick to the Icelandic hot dogs.  Basically, anything will go with the craft beers at this bar. Other entertainment options in Reykjavik include Wake Up Reykjavik, Kaldi Bar, Bravo, and the Micro Bar, so do not think you need to stick to one locale. You will love spending time in Iceland, just like I did.  So, if this destination hasn’t made it to your travel bucket list yet, add it today!  I know I am so grateful I took the chance on this little part of the world!

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Before you travel

Don’t forget to take a sensible mixture of cash and debit or credit cards with you, to make sure you can always get local currency when you need it. And make sure you have travel and health insurance. It is more important than ever to get the best and the most suitable for you cover – read more about travel cover and health insurance here.

If you’re planning to travel outside the UK, you may need to be vaccinated against some of the serious diseases found in other parts of the world. NHS advises to see your GP or a private travel clinic at least 8 weeks before you’re due to travel. Some vaccines need to be given well in advance to allow your body to develop immunity.

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