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Pigeon Point, Trinidad and Tobago

How to get there and where to stay?

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago are as different as can be with Trinidad being full of lush areas, industrial estates, and oil refineries and Tobago being a tranquil gorgeous island with very little of anything else. Between the two destinations, you can experience everything you want during a vacation and so much more.

Attractions and Landmarks

When it comes to forts on these two islands, you will have enough to see but you may get a little confused in the process. Over on Trinidad, your time will be spent at Fort George, while it will all be about Fort King George over on Tobago. 

Once you have seen some of the historical sites on these islands, you will want to see the true beauty within either the Asa Wright Nature Centre or Yerette. The former is a nature centre that is full of birds, reptiles, butterflies, and thousands of flowering plants. The latter is a sanctuary over in the Maracas Valley in Trinidad and it is where you will find plants and flowers, as well as seventeen different types of hummingbirds. 

The beaches will be calling your name when you are vacationing in Trinidad and Tobago, which shouldn’t be surprising since they are Caribbean Islands. Pigeon Point is a fabulous beach that many people love, but you will also want to add Store Bay to your list. If you want a little more excitement though, you can always do a little snorkelling over by Buccoo Reef. It is not too far from Store Bay and it is an option if you do not want to go over to the Speyside Reefs.

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Entertainment and Food

Trinidad is known for its partying options, especially when it comes to experiencing Carnival. During your time on this island, you will discover many different clubs, as well as casinos and rum shops to enjoy once the sun sets. The music in these areas are loud and the dancing is nonstop from the time the business opens until it closes. 

A few of the most popular bars and clubs include 51 Lounge Drink, Island Club Casino, Royal Princess Casino, and Space la Nouba. 

If bars and nightclubs are not your idea of a good time, you can always check out the many different galleries and the exhibits they have on display. You can also see many performances at Queen’s Hall, the National Academy for Performing Arts, and Little Carib. 

You are going to get hungry as you are exploring both Trinidad and Tobago, especially once you start to smell the delicious cuisine. While you can get so many of these foods in the restaurants, you are almost always better off purchasing them from the street vendors. 

A few of the dishes you must try while visiting these islands include corn soup, gyros, saheena, roti, and fried shark sandwiches. 

Trinidad and Tobago are two destinations you will love from the moment you arrive. The best part about vacationing on these islands though is that you will have experiences you won’t have anywhere else in the world.


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