Hello and welcome to my lifestyle and travel blog. My name is Ned – traveller, fitness enthusiast, nutritionist and a cat lover living a healthy and happy life travelling around the world.

How I went from workaholic corporate girl to helping many people online to build a healthy and successful life they love.

Before my day-to-day reality was 12-13-hour work days in the office, most of the time 6-7 days a week, with constant stress and pressure. I was physically tired, mentally exhausted, lacking proper sleep, my body was aching. I was eating unhealthy fast food and snaking on sweets most of the time. Until the day I traded my well paid “body & soul poisoning” job for my freedom. I created my own nutrition plan and workout programme. I changed my bad eating habits and lost over 20 lbs in 2 months. Guess what? I have no regrets for leaving behind the “old me”. I feel happy and in my best physical shape. I turned my hobbies of travelling and fitness into a full-time job.

I believe everyone can do this! I have done it, many others have done it, YOU can do it too!

Be that #CorporateEscapee and live your best life!