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Healthy diet

My best 3 tips to have a flat stomach through dieting

Cut out sugar from your diet for just 6 weeks

Sugar add in a lot of calories you are not even aware of and you might be on track to be insulin resistant without you knowing. In other words, your body can’t burn fat at a normal rate. What usually happens with my clients when we remove sugar from their diet for just 6 weeks, we discover they were mostly running off sugar in the first place. Once you remove sugar, you can finally give your body a chance to detox, heal and switch up to fat for fuel. When I say sugar I mean really get in there and remove the sweets, the soft drinks, the alcohol, that pancake syrup or those fruits. Dieting shouldn’t be a temporarily or short term solution for you, it should be a lifetime change.


The first 3 days into this protocol will make you feel awful but on the 4th day I promise you things will quickly change in your favour and fat will start to fall of your body and your belly. Read more here about how to make the switch to a healthy diet

Only have 2 meals a day

It’s very important you stop snacking and eating at every hour of the day. Stick to a meal schedule and make sure you eat this particular time everyday. This will help you increase absorption of the nutrients and also help your body switch in and out of burning fat.


Make sure to have these 3 macro-nutrients at every meal:

A) Protein (meat: chicken, beef, salmon or vegan protein source).

B) Complex Carbohydrates: i.e Brown Rice (please avoid white rice, this thing is basically sugar once it enters your system)

C) A good fat source: Avocado, Eggs, nuts coconut oil perhaps on salad

Bonus on meal: Always include green veggies at every meal. It won’t make sense to you now but vegetable consumption has a compounding effect on fat loss.

Also don’t consume your Tea/Coffee along with your breakfast, consume it after 30 minutes from your breakfast. Eat everything but in moderation which is like eat 80–90% clean food and 10% whatever you like followed by a god exercise protocol.

Use your hands to measure your portions

Measure your portions

It’s an odd technique but we found it to be very intuitive in terms of dietary control.

  • 2 Palms of veggies
  • 1 fist of Carbs
  • A palm of Proteins ( I would 2 palms of protein actually, too many people don’t adsorb protein so well so a little more is better but limit red meat consumption due absorption issue but go all in other type of meat)
  • 1 fist of Fruits (Forget this for now, no fruits for 6 weeks, No sugar: See above)
  • A Thumb of Fat. (Go with 2–3 thumbs of fat. Note on fat: Avoid vegetable oil like the plague, use coconut oil or olive oil. Vegetable oil has other side effects beside adding calories.

I hope this was helpful. Keep my advice strictly on changes you can make to you diet, so you can achieve that desired flat stomach. Please take a few minutes to read my other post about Making the switch to a healthy diet. Thank you for reading!


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